Businesswoman placed in as Sempe Muslim Queen mama

Regional Info of Sunday, 11 April 2021

Supply: Faisal Mustapha, Factor

The Principal and also Kingmakers of James City, Sempe have more than the weekend break placed in Alhaja Amudalatu Akweley Opare Addo Kundow since the Paramount Queen Mama of Muslims of Sempe Standard Council in Accra.

The vibrant celebration was hung on the house of James City Sempe Mantse, the Manklalo of Ga State Nii Adote Otintor II.

Dealing with the event after recognizing the vow of loyalty, the Sempe Mantse that can likewise be the Appearing Head Of State of the Ga Standard Council Nii Adote Otintor II, claimed that the Muslims throughout the Sempe neighborhoods have more than time lived in harmony with the Sempe people and also have actually added their allocation significantly in instructions of the occasion of the globe.

This he mentioned has actually forced him and also his seniors to recognize and also value their great by placing in someone to symbolize them on the royal residence and also to search their well-being.

In maintaining with the Sempe Mantse, the Sempe traditional room is comprised of 84 neighborhoods and also Muslims might be existing in all these neighborhoods.

He exposed that the Muslims throughout the Sempe room contend perpetuity remained in closed call with the Sempe feces for suggest, petitions among others.

The previous Larger Accra Regional Preacher and also previous Participant of Parliament for Kpone Katamanso, Joseph Nii Larye Afotey Abgo that increases since the Showing up Principal of Kpone-Katamanso advised Sempe amantse for valuing the wonderful jobs of Muslims in his room of regulation.

He shared hope that the established of the Sempe Muslim Queen mama and also various cabinet participants will certainly supply renovation, enhance the polite partnership in between the Muslims and also the Sempe people along with lure great concerns to the Sempe neighborhoods.

He described as on the people to welcome unity and also desist from backbiting each other, as an alternate rally behind the freshly placed in Queen Mama, the Akwashongtse and also his seniors. He included that the established remained in the proper program.

Alhaja Amudalatu Akweley Opare Addo Kundow is the partner of Alhaji Yahya Kundow and also a businesswoman that champs the program of ladies within the country.

The freshly placed in Sempe Muslim Queen Mama in a meeting with media described as on mom and also papa to manage their youngsters’s training especially the lady young person to be handy to the culture.

She advised mom and also papa to put the training of their youngsters onward of each various aspect they do, consisting of that training is crucial and also need to be offered the obligatory factor to consider.

She shared her extensive appreciation to the Sempe Mantse for the idea he has for Muslims in his room of regulation to offer in his Royal residence.

Alhaja Addo Kundow ensured the wonderful people of Sempe and also the Muslim Team that she’s mosting likely to maintain the peaceable conjunction amongst the several Muslims and also the people of Sempe along with to make girls empowerment her topmost priority.

On the similar event, Alhaji Issaka Nii Netty Nettey was placed in since the Akwashontse of Muslims of Sempe Standard Council whereas Alhaji Kabir Gbademu was in addition placed in as Galladima (Feces Manager).

In a associated renovation, the freshly placed in Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse, the Paramount Queen Mama and also the Galladima have actually gotten on Thursday, April 9, 2021 introduced to the Sempe Mantse and also have actually been offering feces names.

Alhaji Issaka Nii Nerttey Nettey, the Sempe Muslim Akwashongtse was offered the Feces title NII Adote Odaawulu, whereas Sempe Paramount Queen Mama, Alhaja Amudalatu Akweley Opare Addo Kundow is currently typically called Naa Adukwei Onoji Ono and also Galladima (Feces Manager) Alhaji Kabir Gbademu is currently Otsaame Saka.

The freshly placed in Chiefs have actually been later on despatched to the Ga Standard Council for the best traditional legal rights and also for them to be Gazzetted.

The peak of Sempe Akwashongtse Nii Gonewulu advised the the freshly placed in Sempe Muslim Chiefs to search the well-being of the Sempe people by obtaining for massive renovation.